Standing Committees

SSS focuses on major health topics and medical student-related interests via six standing committees, which are:

Public Health (SCOPH)
Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS (SCORA)
Medical Education (SCOME)
Child Health (SCOCH)
Professional and Research Exchanges (SCOPE, SCORE)

The work of each standing committee is complemented by several activities, such as trainings, campaigns and advocacy efforts, offering medical students the space to learn in a number of settings. Many projects, activities, conferences and workshops are organized each year allowing students to become initiates of change in their society.

Support Divisions

Support Divisions are designated to carry out integrated tasks, of major importance for the internal management of SSS:

Publications Support Division (PSD): The publications support division is the division responsible for all sorts of data published in the name of SSS. It consists of six teams that include the designs and media team, the library team, the arts and crafts team, the radio team, the online publications team and the magazine team.

Fundraising Support Division (FSD): The fundraising support division is the division responsible for coming up with plans of action in order to attract sponsors, deal with partners and raise money and supplies to support the various activities carried out in SSS.

Projects Support Division (PSD’): The Projects Support Division is the division responsible for organizing and evaluating all projects carried out throughout the term in the society. Its purpose is to ensure and maintain the high quality of the SSS activities.

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