Standing Committee on Reproductive Health (SCORA)

Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS is a gathering of passionate individuals who are committed to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights and are arduous about creating positive change in their local communities.


A world where every individual is empowered to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights equally, free from stigma and discrimination.


To provide our members with the tools necessary to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights within their respective communities in a culturally respected fashion. This has been accomplished through building the skills and the knowledge about, providing trainings on Comprehensive Sexuality Education other respective reproductive health issues, exchanging ideas and projects, as well as drafting policies and working with our external partners in order to create change in local, regional and international level.



For several years, AIDs has proved to be one of the most stigmatized diseases. Despite being in decline, stigma still traumatizes AIDs patients and is able, at times, to push their mental states into a corner leading to cases of suicides. This is why the WAC project is important. SCORA launches an online campaign then as a continuation to our campaign and in all kind hopes of eradicating the stigma, our students have use charts set up in the campus of our faculty to relay our messages. Our aim is to put a spotlight on the stigma towards AIDs patients in addition to stressing on the importance of the immediate eradication of the stigma for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow when the patients can easily seek medical treatment without any fear of discrimination or acts of condemnation carried out towards them.
We were blessed with a great flow of people who possessed similar points of views on the matter. And with that, we draw the curtains on our WAC campaign with high hopes that our message has been properly conveyed.

Breast Cancer Campaign

Standing against breast cancer is a very important part of SCORA’s work wither through our own campaigns or through sharing in bid events like Run for The Cure, Walk for The Cure and Row for The Cure.

Anti FGM Campaign

Like every year, members participating in the Anti-FGM campaign raise awareness about the dire act of female genital mutilation among medical students through online campaign, and through citizens in Kasr Al Ainy clinics. Here's to hoping that the word spreads and that someday we can live in a country free of this strangely common form of abuse.

Anti-sexual Harassment

SSS Kasr Al Ainy fully implemented the Anti-Sexual Harassment campaign on Kasr-Al Aini campus, and participated with "جامعة آمنة" in their campaign in Cairo University. The campaign's roaring success was highlighted by "Al-Gomhorya" journal.

Adolescents' Health

Sexual education to 12-16 years old adolescents throughout their puberty about the mental and hormonal changes they undergo throughout this period and how to accept their growth as an integral part of their lives.

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