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Standing Committee On Public Health (SCOPH)

The Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) brings together medical students to learn, build skills, cooperate, explore and share ideas when it comes to addressing all issues related to public health, including global health issues, health policies, health promotion and education, activities.


Medical Students attain the optimal skills and knowledge to contribute to their full potential towards the making of healthier communities in their capacity as medical students and as future healthcare providers.


The Standing Committee on Public Health promotes the development of medical students worldwide regarding Public Health issues through an international sharing knowledge network, projects management, community-based learning, capacity building, advocacy, exchanges placements and access to external learning opportunities.



the lighthouse project of SCOPH, NOSA has sent out its guiding lights to various underdeveloped districts, for as many as four years. “NOSA” remains one of the strongest student initiatives which helped improve the health status of hundreds of slum dwellers in Egypt.  From delivering health messages to providing these areas with the health services they need, NOSA's stellar journey started with no more than an idea and a footstep. Ripping an outstanding "Hope-Maker" title along with 30 others on Ahmad Al Shugairi's show that aired on MBC during the holy month of Ramadan of 2017, NOSA provides an impeccable example to pass on and capable footprints to follow.

Mental Health

Nowadays the care for mental health has been increasing and that is justified in all ways as mental health is just as important as physical health to having an overall well-functioning human. SCOPH's mental awareness campaign raises the issues regarding mental health problems to medical students. This campaign aims to raise the awareness to the prevalence of mental health problems, the different mental disabilities, and how to overpower them and help people struggling with mental illnesses. The success and feedback of this project is then discussed in SCOPH's Congress on mental health in which SCOPH participants from Local Committees all-over Egypt join to share their experiences of the project together.

Safe Liver

Hepatitis C prevalence in Egypt is nearly 14.8%, making it a relatively common disease that necessitates people's education and awareness on the correct ways to deal with this disease, whether it is them or a family member of theirs that is infected and diagnosed. The Safe Liver team took it upon themselves to educate people on hepatitis C, going to different places to screen people for it, raise awareness of the disease, and allow people to gain the knowledge necessary for them to be active participants in its treatment, prevention, and hopefully eradication from our country and, later on, the whole world.


Diabetes is an extremely deadly disease whose prevalence, in Egypt especially, has been lately going off the charts. However, in partnership with the NCDs department in the Ministry of Health and the IFMSA-EGYPT Initiative, this SSS awareness campaign strives to detain this monster and keep its rates under control. Our students target different audiences in different public places across Cairo and Kasr-al-Ainy's out-patient clinic, speaking to them about diabetes, its dangers and how to prevent and overcome it. They actively hand out flyers and screen the blood glucose levels and HbA1C of interested individuals. Believing in their message, these SSS SCOPHeroes launch an exemplary awareness campaign each year to prevent this malicious disease from taking hold of people's lives and stop it from deciding their fate.

Anti smoking

Our SSS delegation spoke about the smoking hazards which was a part of a smoking campaign, also included blood pressure readings, blood sugar readings, and, of course, awareness about the many complications of smoking

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