Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME)

Medical Education should be a concern of every medical student as it shapes not only the quality of future doctors but also the quality of healthcare. The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) has a dedicated organ which aims to implement an optimal learning environment for all medical students around the world the Standing Committee On Medical Education (SCOME). Through all our joint efforts we work to create sustainable changes around the world, for ourselves as medical students, for the generations to come and for our future patients and our communities who are in fact the final beneficiaries of our education.


Medical students attain an optimal professional and personal development to reach their full potential as future doctors for better healthcare worldwide.


Our mission is to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.



The research project works in 2 parallel pathways. The first helps the capacity building of those who have zero knowledge about research and are interested in it and it is done by a research workshop that is done for at least 3 weeks.
The second helps those who already have research background as they are involved in ongoing research projects on campus under the supervision of Kasr al ainy doctors or any other opportunities for research outside kasr al ainy.

Summer and Winter schools

Training has always been an essential part of any profession and medicine is, obviously, no exception. In fact, being one of the most practical professions, clinical training and orientation are even more important because through it, one learns how to deal with the patients, the rules of the hospital and finally he becomes oriented about the particular department he/she is training in. Hence, the winter school is a clinical program conducted in Kasr Al Ainy hospital for Kasr Al Ainy students in a number of departments.

First Aid

We all enter medical school to save lives. But what if our text-book knowledge does not help us save someone's life in an emergency? SSS offers to help you fulfill this dream of helping those in times of need through its renowned First Aid Course.
During this course, students can seize the opportunity to acquire new medical skills and knowledge that could help them in case of accidents or emergencies.
- Primary survey and scene safety
- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator (CPR and AED)
-Airway Management -Choking
-Drowning -Wounds
-Bleeding -Shock
-Chest injuries -Abdominal injuries
-Eyes, Nose, and Teeth injuries
-Burns -Fractures
-Spinal injuries and immobilization -Heat and cold injuries
-Seizures -Stroke
-Diabetic emergencies -Heart Attack and Chest Pain
-Bronchial Asthma -Allergic reaction (Anaphylaxis)
-Poisoning -Animal and insect bites
-Dehydration -Modes of victim evacuation
-First Aid Kit contents -Triage
- Basic Surgical Skills:
• Suturing
• Injection administration
• Catheterization
• Coma scale
(N.B: The course provides hands-on supervised practical training on the aforementioned First Aid skills.)

First Aid For All

It's our mission as medical students and future doctors to help ensure people's survival as much as we can, but what if there's a situation where the person who can save a life isn't in the medical profession?
This year's SCOME First Aid campaign was distinguished by addressing non-medical students. Because basic first aid knowledge should be for everyone, the First Aid for All campaign provided a first aid workshop to students of Al Saaidiyah High School in Giza, which they received with much enthusiasm and vigor.

Around the World

Around the world postgraduate opportunities are sessions done by doctors who have done a residency in any country other than Egypt. These doctors mainly orient all Kasr Al Ainy students about the multiple options and opportunities they have after finishing their academic years thus illuminating their path as future doctors.

Training of Medical Trainers

it is training for SSS members to be local first aid trainers. The trainees should have taken a first aid course before or have finished their fourth year of study.
The trainers are SSS alumni or previous trainers.

Towards Better Medical Education

this project aims at increasing the awareness of medical students and their social accountability towards medical education and its strategies and curriculum designs.

Pick your Specialty: Career Advisory Day

A conference is organized about how to pick your specialty and what to do after graduation

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