Standing Committee On Child Health (SCOCH)

Dealing with minorities, different mentalities and personalities is obligatory for any physician in our modern world. Being considerate is one of the essential personal skills for our future physicians and nothing is better at teaching them this skill than engaging with these minorities. Especially if this engagement is done in a way to raise awareness among the public and add value to our society. Such is the mission of SCOCH.


To give priority to people in greatest need and where the entire society, including medical students and health workers, unite to support vulnerable groups.


Improving the general health of children in our community, and in the process, drawing a permanent smile on their faces and to fight for human rights.


1- blood donation

This project encourages the donation of blood to those in need, raising awareness of the benefits of blood donation and the deficit of blood in the blood bank and the number of people in need of blood transfer in Egypt.

2- Blind Rights

We take a lot of things for granted in our lives, our sight, for one. Being more fortunate, we often forget to consider the blind. A workshop about blind rights was held by several speakers and proved to be a very informative session. Afterwards, a mesmerizing booth was prepared by our own hard-working members to remind us of the fortune of sight and rights of the blind. As fascinating as the booth was, some won't be able to see it. But we have hope these people can live ordinarily within our country and are just in need of some care- some rights. We believe it's our duty as a society to provide them with the suitable circumstances in order for them to blend in with us, to have a brighter tomorrow even if they can't see it.

3- Cancer patients reinforcement (CPR)

We will not only have information about the different types of cancer, but also we have a much more important part which is the psychological state of these patients and how to deal with them as they face the disease, rise above pain and win the battle.

4- Build a Bridge (formerly Say Cheese Project)

Well everyone must have a blessing in his life, and we as the SSS family have a great blessing called Say Cheese, or the recently called "Build a Bridge" team, who always find a way to lighten up grey skies and spread happiness everywhere they go. The team visit 57357 children's hospital aiming to spread smiles amongest the children of the hospital in hopes of lightening their burdens in any way possible and giving them strength and support to beat their illness.

5- international day for human rights

On this special day, lovely sss members like to remind the world of the importance of human rights by shooting photos of them in different places in Egypt with a sign " we stand for human rights", and uploading them with the hashtag "#humanrightsday". Each individual gets to write a quote or whatever they wish of their own writing, expressing how important this movement is to them and reminding everyone to care for everyone's basic rights.

6- Mental health Campaign in cooperation with SCOPH

Nowadays the care for mental health has been increasing and that is justified in all ways as we all need to be functioning well physically and mentally. It's necessary to know that just like how physical disabilities can be overcome, mental disorders can also be overpowered. We have lots of living examples of people with mental disorders and not only did they cope with them but they also achieved many successes in their lives. Mental disorders are living among us, but we can easily overcome them and medical care is essential to do so. With this in mind, our members have launched a great booth on campus which has attracted many students who have thoroughly enjoyed the activities.

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