Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) offers future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through the opportunities it offers, it develops culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities that shape the health of our planet. It sets the suitable atmosphere that qualifies them to be interactive medical students in their faculty; and professional, skillful contributors to the welfare of their community.
The SSS carries out a number of recruitment campaigns per year. Each recruitment campaign runs in two phases – Online and On-ground – where our committees, projects and activities are shared and explained to the future members of our ever-growing family. Application is through an online form posted here and on our Facebook page for the days specified for each campaign.

Want to become a part of our family? Stay tuned for our upcoming recruitment campaign!
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SSS members are all medical students in the Kasr Al Ainy medical school or in their period as house officers. A member of SSS is a medical student who can either be a full, associate or candidate member of the SSS:

Candidate members:
All medical students or house officers from the Kasr Al Ainy Medical School are entitled to apply for SSS candidate membership during the different recruitment events held by SSS, at least 2 times per year, announced throughout all different media platforms and website of SSS.
Candidate members have the right to participate in the various SSS activities without having major responsibilities – as determined by the Vice President. After 2 month of candidate membership, upgrade to Associate membership may be decided by the team of officials upon presentation of motivation and involvement of the concerned member by the Vice President.
Members who fail to earn membership status upgrade or maintain their candidate membership after 1 year are no more considered candidates but still have the right to apply for the membership again.

Associate members:
Associate members have discussion rights in General Assembly meetings, but do not possess voting or candidature rights.
Associate members are allowed to participate in all SSS activities and to assume responsibilities including being project coordinators and/or local officer’s assistants after being chosen by the responsible Board Member and after the team of officials’ approval.
Associate members who have never been full members and showed lack of activity for a year and a half or for 3 successive local GAs will be downgraded to candidate members.

Full Member:
Full membership is granted to:
- All full and associate members who surpass the minimal participation level as approved by the team of officials and evaluated by the Vice President upon reports from the different Board Members and Project Coordinators over his preceding Phase – that is, half year.
- Members who become IFMSA-Egypt National Officer, National Projects and Taskforces coordinators during the half year concerned.
- Members who become International IFMSA officials, Regional Assistants or International session's coordinators during the half year concerned.

Every full member has ONE voting right during the general assemblies. Full members also have proposing rights, voting rights and the rights to become project coordinators.

Honorary life Membership:
Honorary Life Members are members granted life-long membership. They can be invited to SSS meetings and events by the Team of Officials without having candidature or voting rights.

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