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First of all, why should you apply to the SSS?

- Each person in the world has a proactive side within, waiting for something to force it out! The SSS helps people gain more perspective to their proactive influential side.  – It provides a “professional work” atmosphere that will help you greatly in the future (and no you don’t get paid it’s volunteer work!) – All SSS members learn quite a few things during their SSS journey.  – You get to have a positive impact on your community, helping it even if it’s just one step at a time. – You also share in medical campaigns like the Anti-anemia or the World Aids Day. - You get to attend meetings, nationally or internationally, representing your college!  Most importantly, you have fun over and over again, with a bunch of new friends! 

Ok so now if you want to apply to the SSS, what should you do?

All medical students or house officers from the Kasr Al Ainy Medical School are entitled to apply for SSS candidate membership. They are also welcomed to participate in the events & campaigns held by the SSS. To apply, fill out the Application form below and wait for the orientation session after attending the scheduled interview after submitting the applications.

What is a "Candidate member"?

This is a transient phase of membership. You will be a member for one year, during which you’ll be trying out the SSS world and we’ll be checking out your involvement and activities every two months. After the two months, If you were involved, and depending on your involvement, you will either remain candidate member or become upgraded to associate member. If you remain candidate member, you’ll have two months and so on, if your involvement was absent for the entire year, your membership will expire and you will no longer be SSS member, but you could apply again if you’re still interested. 

What then..?

Well, this is it for now. For more information on other types of members and activities ongoing and so on, attend the orientation session we’ll be holding for all the Candidate members. I hope you enjoy your journey with the SSS and benefit from it to the fullest!

Recruitment campaign Dec 2016

Join us for a life time experince