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Other International Opportunities Around The World


  • 4th Summer School of Diving and Diving Medicine

  • Translational Neurosciences Summer School

  • International School of Advanced Surgical Skills

  • 6th International Surgery Summer School

  • 5th Emergency Medicine Summer Schoo

Diving Medicine

4th CroMSICs’ Summer School of Diving and Diving Medicine

Date: from 20th July until 28th July 2014

Place: Karlobag, Croatia

Theme of the Summer School: Scuba diving and diving medicine.

FEE & Deadline:

Early fee (until 20.06. ): 520 €

Late fee (from 21.06. to 15.07.): 550 €

Once you finish this course, you’ll have a certificate of passing the 1st level as scored by world accepted CMAS standards in your pocket! This means that you can dive all around the world to the depth of 20 meters.

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Medical Sciences Summer School 'Ageing Brain'

Medical Sciences Summer School ‘Ageing Brain’

Date: June, 30th – July 9th, 2014

Place: University Medical Center Groningen / University of Groningen, Netherlands

Theme of the Summer School: Ageing Brain

FEE: 600 Euros for international participants (incl. educational course, meals, accommodation in a student guesthouse, as well as social activities)

Deadline: Thursday 15th of May, 2014

Ageing is posing an increasing burden on European societies. Currently, treatment of age-related diseases already costs our society large amounts of money and efforts and, with an ageing population, will require substantial reorganization of our health care budgets and infrastructure of hospitals and nursing homes. Particularly, neurodegenerative diseases resulting in dementia and motor disability will need our attention, as they require exorbitant amounts of care. Future brain research should aim at development of novel drugs, advanced diagnostics, adequate clinical care and technology in order to deal with this societal challenge.

In order to accomplish this, a new generation of (clinical) neuroscientists is needed, that will develop novel effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, novel strategies for clinical treatment and management of elderly care and development of novel technology to support the daily care of elderly afflicted by dementia and motor disability. Therefore, research within the European Ageing Brain Network is focused on the early hallmarks and diagnosis of normal and abnormal brain ageing.

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International School of Advanced Surgical Skills

Date: Sunday, 13 July, 2014 – 18:00 to Saturday, 19 July, 2014 – 20:00

Place: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Theme of the Summer School: Study and acquire advanced surgical skills as well as evaluate the workmanship and help decide whether the students would like to settle upon a surgical career or not.

FEE & Deadline:

Early Registration: 250 euro – until the 14th of may

Late Registration: 280 euro- from 14th may till 14th june 2014

This course consists of 6 modules (1 module per day) with a duration of approximately 7 hours per module. The modules start on Monday and finish on Saturday.

Each module has a theoretical part assisted by instructors of SSCR and medical doctors. The instructors will provide additional information to the presentations and will engage with the participants in discussions on the given topic.

The theoretical part of the course is accompanied by a practical part consisting in demonstrations performed by the main instructor at the central desk, whose instructions are followed step by step by the participants working at their tables. The demonstrations carried out by the main instructor are filmed and presented in real time.

Given the fact that surgery involves teamwork, the 24 participants are arranged in pairs at the 12 work tables. Each student will be given a surgical kit.

The instructors sit among the students, they supervise and help participants in making the surgical maneuvers designed and explained by the main instructor. Each technique is repeated until all students get accustomed to it and only afterwards the next one is presented.

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Sixth International Surgery Summer School

Date: 21st of July – 3rd of August 2014

Place: Iasi, Romania

Theme of the Summer School: Surgical skills in: general surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, emergency medicine.

FEE: 480 €

Deadline for application: 12th of May 2014

During these two weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn from the greatest surgeons in Iasi, to practice and work together with them during lectures, lab-work and of course, hospital visits.

Last but not least, you will take part in relaxing trips to the most fascinating tourist attractions in Romania: Castle of Dracula, Bucegi Mountains, Peles Castle, the Danube Delta and the Black Sea.

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5th Emergency Medicine Summer Schoo

5th Emergency Medicine Summer School , organised by the European Medical Students’ Association of Macedonia.

Date: 5th of July – 9th of August 2014

Place: Ohrid, Macedonia

Theme of the Summer School: All the participants will have opportunity to work individually and with the best Macedonian experts in this field of medicine. At the end of the EMSS all the participants should develop basic knowledge of CPR, dealing with poly traumatized patients and basic surgical skills, Coma, Emergency in Cardiology and Toxicology.

FEE & Deadline:

Early Registration: 130 € – until 10th of June, 2014

Late Registration: 150 € – until 1st of July, 2014

EMSA Summer School is a project set up by EMSA – Macedonia that is organized for the fifth time in Macedonia.

This project provides the participants with practical knowledge in the field of emergency medicine. The program includes a scientific part composed of lectures, practical skills, interactive seminars and case reports held by professors from the Medical Faculty in Skopje. All the students will have a chance to renew and expand their knowledge in fields such as: Cardiology, Toxicology, Surgery, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry. They will have the chance to practice their Surgical and CPR skills. But that’s not everything… we have a well organized social program that’s a excellent opportunity for students, to make new friendships and develop a feeling of team spirit.

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