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The IFMSA exchange system


What is the IFMSA Exchange Program?

The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organizations. It represents, connects, and engages every day with medical students from 127 national member organizations in 119 countries around the globe.  Each year, IFMSA organizes over 13,000 clinical and research exchange programs for students to explore innovations in medicine, healthcare systems and healthcare delivery in other settings.

The IFMSA exchange program allows you, in addition to the exhilarating experience of discovering new places and visiting far away countries, the chance to observe firsthand different health care systems around the world.

IFMSA runs two types of exchange programs, professional (SCOPE) and research (SCORE) exchanges, that are both endorsed by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and the World Organization of National Colleges among other organizations.

The Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) is a proud full and founding member of IFMSA-Egypt; and as such provides medical students enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University (Kasr Al-Ainy) a chance to compete for a spot in the IFMSA exchange program.

What do we offer?

For 4000 LE:


-At least 1 meal per day or pocket money

-Social Program

-Allocated clinical supervisor

-Academic Handbook

-Certificate on successful completion of placement

*The contract does not cover the plane tickets or visa expenses.


All exchanges last for 4 weeks, and it can be any full month from March 2018 to March 2019. Check out the Explore Pages linked for each country to read more about when they recommend you come on your exchange.


Available Countries for the Year 2017/2018:

SCOPE (Professional Exchange):


Brazil ×3



Italy (May) ×2





Slovenia (June)


Turkey ×2

SCORE (Research Exchange):




Mexico ×2


Turkey ×2

Who Can Apply?

To apply, you must be:

- enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University

- a 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th year medical student

*Male students currently enrolled in 6th year, new system (satta gdeed) have to provide an exemption from the military certificate (إعفاء من الجيش) prior to exam entry.

Applicant doesn’t have to be an SSS member.


Application Process:

1- Fill out the online application form.

2- Register for the exam by depositing the exam fees in the following bank account:

Account name: الجمعية العلمية لطلاب طب القصر العيني

Account number: 143/1/15294 – Misr Banque

Exam Fees:

-Early Registration: 120 LE

-On spot Registration: 150 LE

3-Sit for the exam and attend the interview.


The written exam consists of the following parts:

-Language skills 20

-Medical Knowledge 20

-General information 10

-Egyptology 5

-IQ 5

-Writing Skills (Essay) 10

TOTAL: 70 marks

The date of the written exam: 29/11/2017

Skills assessed by the interview:

-Communication skills

-Language skills

TOTAL: 30 marks

The dates of the interviews are to be announced.

Read the conditions of your desired countries carefully before applying. You can find the links to the conditions of the different countries on our Facebook page event.

IFMSA Exchange

You can apply now by filling the Online Application Form,  The form will give us an idea about you and your personal desires and experiences. 

Application System

The registration of the system would cost you 100 EGP. You can pay any day before the exam at

Account Name: الجمعية العلمية لطلاب طب القصر العيني

Account No. : 143/1/15294 – Misr Banque

Late registration (120 EGP) can be done next to the written exam session place. 
You have to show the receipt for the registration fees to enter the exam.

Also, you need to prepare all your required documents in advance. Before you enter the exam.

The list of required documents that have to be present within 2 days from accepting the contract:

1- Passport copy

First page of the passport (new form) or the first 9 pages (old form); including any pages among the passport that have Visas or official stamps. The passport has to be valid for at least six months at the time of the clerkship.

2- A passport size photo

A photo of yourself “your face”, in the size used in your passport.

3- A Language certificate in case you have any.

You will probably have the Cambridge certificate if you have the IG certificate. In case you don’t have any, there’s no problem.

4- A curriculum vitae (CV) of yourself.

Including the following: Name, age, year of study, sex, date of birth, telephone number, mobile phone, E-mail, address, citizenship, marital status, languages spoken, professional qualifications or events attended, and any training attended.

5- Certificate of enrollment (Shehadet Kaid)

In English, to be presented to the SSS



If you win a contract, you will have to present extra required documents as stated in the exchange 

conditions of your desired country. For example, Health and Travel insurance, 

Vaccinations, and any other documents.

Please note that late or incomplete required documents will immediately rule you out of the program.

Unfortunately we don’t have an unlimited number of chances for every student. So, we have to make a fair selection of the students we see eligible enough to take the chance. After you finish filling in the online application form, you will pass through 2 steps of examination. These are: an oral exam, which will help us estimate your language, communication skills and personality; and a written exam to assess your language skills, general knowledge, medical experience, and even your IQ.

Remember, when you travel abroad, you represent Egypt, Kasr Al Ainy, the SSS, and needless to say, yourself.

Exam and Results

About the Written Exam

The exam is quite easy. You don’t have to read or study anything in preparation. However, you can do whatever it takes if you think you need any extra work. You have to clear your mind, focus, and believe in yourself. 

The written exam consists of the following parts:

Language skills 20

Medical Knowledge 20

General information 10

Egyptology 5

IQ 5

Writing Skills (Essay) 10

TOTAL 70 marks

The date of the written exam: 1-12-2016

What should I do about the oral examination?

There are no special requirements. You just need to be yourself and have faith in your abilities. Keep breathing and the whole thing will be just fine. You don’t have to dress formally or cut your hair – just take it easy. The oral examination will assess your language skills concerning your pronunciation and your vocabulary. We are also interested in viewing some of your thoughts about different issues. How you represent yourself will base our judgment during this examination.

These are the points assessed by the interview;

Communication skills


Language skills

TOTAL 30 marks

The dates of the interview (dd-mm-yyyy): To be Announced


How will the results be announced?

The results will be sent to you via E-mail and might be published on other platforms. It won’t take long, and we will inform you as soon as they’re out.


If you were lucky to win a contract, you will pay 3000EGP including 150 EGP for  the insurance system.


Conditions and Required Documents

The Required Documents

According to the exchange conditions that differ from one country to the other, there are different documents that are strictly needed to maintain the clerkship of the student. They are also a bit different from those documents present at the time of registration. The student needs to prepare the registration required documents at the time of registration, but if the student was lucky enough to get a clerkship in a certain country, you have to provide all the required documents as stated on the official exchange conditions webpage.

The student is also highly advised to check all the items of the exchange conditions of the desired country such as languages spoken and lodging facilities. The student should get back to the local exchange officer for any questions or inquiries regarding the exchange conditions of the desired country. These are links to the two main pages of the exchange conditions.
For the SCORE countries (the research exchange): Click here  
For the SCOPE countries (the professional exchange): Click here

Research Exchange:

We give the medical student the possibility to take part in a research project of a specialized course abroad in order to deepen the student’s knowledge in a specific subject. It is guided by a tutor who
Untitasdfasledintroduces the student to basic principles of research, such as collecting data, scientific writing, laboratory work, statistics, and ethical aspects of medical research. 

Professional Exchange:

A Professional Exchange or clerkship is the exchange of medical students who undergo a medical clerkship in a hospital abroad. The student will perform his/her medical studies.Untitasdfasdasacsled Students will not receive any salary for their clerkship. A Pre-clinical Clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student working or studying in a preclinical department at a Medical Faculty/School or Hospital.

A Clinical Clerkship is defined as the rotation of a student in a clinical department of a hospital or clinic, or at a general practitioner. 


Rules and Regulations

Regulations and Requirements

  1. You need to be a medical student of Cairo University – Faculty of medicine.
  2. You have to be a student of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th year new system (Only females) and 6th year old system (Both males and females).
  3. If you are a student of the 4th, 5th, 6th year new system, you can apply for both the professional and the research exchange program.
  4. If you are a student of the 6th year old system, you can apply for the professional exchange program only.
  5. If you are a student of the 3rd year, then you can apply for the research exchange program only.
  6. You MUST have excellent language and communication skills.
  7. You MUST be open-minded, and willing to meet other cultures.
  8. You should attend the sessions held by the SSS to be informed about all the aspects of the system.
  9. The organization is only responsible for providing the IL (Invitation Letter) for the exchange student which is used for VISA extraction.
  10. If the exchange student didn’t receive the IL 3 weeks in advance of the clerkship starting date, the organization is obliged to refund him with the contract fees. The refund is to be done in January of the following year.
  11. The contract fees cover the accommodation and the clerkship in the hosting country for 4 weeks.
  12. Accommodation in the hosting country depends on the conditions of the hosting Local Committee. Accommodation may be in hotels, youth hostels, private apartments, or at a hosting family’s residence. The SSS is not responsible by any means if you don’t like the hosting conditions of the country or the city that you have been accepted at, and it’s none of the SSS’s business to provide you with other conditions of accommodation, so please do not get back to the SSS local exchange officer in such conditions.
  13. Boarding (meals) is completely, partially or not provided by the hosting Local Committee. UntitasdfassdasacsledYou might be provided with meals directly, or with meal cards that allow you to get your meals for free or for low costs. Sometimes you might be provided with daily, weekly, or even monthly pocket money instead of meals.
  14. The contract fees do not cover travel, personal, or any other expenses. The contract fees only cover the scientific program, and the accommodation wherever it is and regardless of its status. By any means, the contract fees will never cover any changes you do to your accommodation. The SSS is not subjected to paying any extra fees for you.
  15. Substitution of contracts is not allowed by any means or for any reason. If you accept the contract and pay the money, you will have to travel. You might be accepted in cities or departments that you have not included in your application form. The SSS has no authority to place you in specific city or department, so please do not ask the local exchange officer for such things.
  16. In case of serious problems that prohibit the student from travelling in the specified period, the insurance system will refund the student next year partially or totally. Serious problems include cases of death or exam failure. Such problems should be reported to the Local Exchange Officer asap by an e-mail; and have to be fully explained to the local exchange officer to decide whether this is a case that deserves an insurance refund or not.
  17. The contract fees are to be paid after the results within 48 hours; otherwise this is considered contract cancellation, and the contract will be distributed to whoever is next on the list.
  18. Paying attention to the deadlines is a MUST. Ignoring any deadline or delayed responses can lead to immediate contract cancellation. The student will not be subjected to money refund in such cases. Regular E-mail check or other forms of keeping in contact with the local exchange officer is recommended.
  19. The student is responsible for providing all the required documents stated at the official IFMSA-NMO (The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations – National Member Organization “the desired country”) website. Missing any of the required documents, delayed response, or providing false data may cause contract cancellation that does not subject the student to money refund.
  20. Changes to these terms or conditions can take place according to the conditions of the new term. Students will be informed about any changes through the official forms of communication.

The registration fees are not refundable by any means or conditions.

More information and explanations about this issue will be available at the sessions provided by the SSS.



You can always contact the local exchange officer asking for any information. Don’t hesitate to ask for any piece of advice anytime. We are always happy to help you out. 

This page has been designed and approved by the Local Exchange Officer. All terms and conditions have been converted to adapt the local committee in Cairo University.

The local committee “SSS” is a representative and a direct affiliate to the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations).