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The Standing Committee On Reproductive health including AIDS aims to raise awareness of medical students regarding the reproductive health issues which make them able to transfer this to the public.

  • Standing against breast cancer is a very important part of SCORA’s work wither through our own campaigns or through sharing in bid events like Run for The Cure, Walk for The Cure and Row for The Cure.

  • This year, we have a different mission which is “empowering the people living with HIV” through offering them training in soft skills, business skills and crafts.

    Also, we didn’t forget our role in raising the awareness of the public about HIV/AIDS in several campaigns.

     Marketing for the products made by people living with HIV is a very important part of our project. This is done with the awareness campaigns and in separate public events too.

    Our goal is matching with the theme put  by the UN regarding HIV/AIDS which is

    ” ZEROnew infections .. ZERO discrimination .. ZERO deaths from HIV”

    We aim for helping the people living with HIV to take the lead and defend for their rights in life and treatment, raise the awareness about the disease and fight the stigma.

  • The number of FGM manipulations done by doctors is increasing, so, we decided to concentrate this year on “Medicalization of FGM”.

    We managed to hold a campaign in the faculty of medicine to raise the awareness of medical students about the different aspects of the FGM issue and encourage them to stand against FGM in Egypt and defend for the girls’ rights.

  • SCORA celebrates the IWD by implementing women’s related projects, about women empowerment, gender equity, sexual harassment and many more.

  • “From The Start “

    If we start a new sentence,
    We start a new line to turn a new page,
    You start a new line if you want to forget something bad,
    You forget the past and start a new line. I tell you what!
    You want to start over, Start a new line!

    You want to know the start!?

    Men Awel Elsatr website is a wakeup call; its new page at youth life and new tool for Sexual rights and Reproductive health issues empowerment. The Main Vision of the website is to provide a trustful knowledge for Reproductive health and Sex Education for Youth around the MENA Region in a very simple way in Arabic.

    The website provides a medical service for all young specking Arabic through different methodologies.

    1-Articles contain a basic scientific point of view in an easy way to understand away from any judgment, discrimination or misconceptions coming from our culture. We started with some needy topics such as breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, Female Genital Mutilation, and Sexually transmitted disease.

    2-Providing a Safe Space where youth can ask about any reproductive health problems or through an anonymous way to keep their integrity and encourage them to open up and speak loudly without any kind of judgment to get answers from their peers, who are trained to answer such questions or through doctors who supervising the website .

    3- A forum where youth can share their concerns and fears or their experiences with any related issues to open up to website visitors to see how much they suffer from a certain disease or how much they were in need of peoples’ support; aiming to fight stigma around sexually transmitted diseases . We had on the website some people living with HIV telling their journey with the virus how much they suffered from the community; also we have
    taken some videos with some of them who were brave enough to appear with their faces. The website had an inspiring video of breast cancer survivor encouraging women for early detection screening programs.

    4-Planing for future Online live chat through Google hangout with different gust like doctors, health providers, breast cancer survivors, and others to have an interactive conversation about Sexuality and reproductive health staring one of few conversation in such very conservative community .

    So we looking forward to provide one of new kind service for the whole MENA region, as searching for such information in Arabic are full of misconceptions and stigma through peer to peer website.

    We were awarded the fund for the project from Staying Alive Foundation and MTV channel.

    Before preparation of the website, all members had received condensed peer Education about reproductive health for three days at the End of July .

    The launching event at the End of April was a successful day, with about 600 persons attending from youth, doctors, health providers, school students, the dean of Medical School, and others. The website launching event was covered by different Radio Stations, TV Shows, newspapers and Magazines.

    Visit us today: http://www.men-awel-elsatr.com/index.html