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The Standing Committee On Public Health, it’s the committee through which we can change the world. Public health can be defined as” the science and the art of protecting and improving the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyle, and
research for disease and injury prevention. Nowadays, public health is considered one of the main weapons in fighting health ignorance specifically in Egypt, spreading health messages everywhere can saves millions of lives, spreading awareness about diabetes, hepatitis, mental disorders, healthy lifestyle, hypertension and many other diseases can be a valuable way of prevention.

Our Vision

As doctors, we pledge ourselves to consecrate our lives to the service of humanity and to maintain by all the means in our power, the honor and the noble traditions of the medical profession maintaining the utmost respect for human life. In SCOPH we aim at creating a community of health awareness, we aim at empowering the citizens and getting them to choose to live healthy lifestyle free of any mental, physical or even psychological disorder

Our Mission

we carry our vision through periodic awareness campaigns in the public spaces and schools, targeting different educational levels of the community, supplying them with the efficient information either through a training, health message or printed materials.

Our Latest Projects:

  • There is a lot of misconception in our community on whether forgetting to complete simple tasks in our lives could be a sign of Alzheimer. Simply Forgotten is a project that aims to explain the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer disease, especially stressing on how Alzheimer is a geriatric disease. Alzheimer may cause the patient to simply forget, but Geriatric health should not be Simply Forgotten.
  • We celebrated the WDD in Zamalek club for two days. The aim of the campaign is delivering our message about diabetes, what is it, the symptoms and the prevention. We Delivered our message in a new way with games and interaction and measured the blood glucose level for the people in the club.
  • We celebrated the World Health Day in a whole week in April. The campaign contained:
    – Sessions is schools about different public health issues to raise
    the awareness of students about public health.
    – A campaign in Cairo University to deliver our message about
    different public health topics.
    – We finished our campaign with a biking event and many medical
    students and public had the chance to share with us.