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The Standing Committee on Child Health and humanitarian projects ,  is a locally formed committee and the most recent member in the SSS family.
It started on March 2007 by a group of fervent medical students, all devoted to draw  a smile on children’s faces , to spread human right and peace . This, in short, is what SCOCH is all about, making children happy.
What makes our committee different is the unique experience we get from participating in its many special events.

Our Mission

Improving the general health of children in our community, and in the process, drawing a permanent smile on their faces and to fight for human rights.

Our Goals

  •  Increasing the awareness of the most common  health problems of children in our community, among medical students, health professionals and the public.
  •  Providing an active forum for open discussion for all those who are interested in Children health issues , Human rights field and how to spread peace.
  • Formulating the best ways to achieve our goals using different approaches including workshops, seminars, and medical awareness campaigns

Our Projects

  • The project focused on raising the awareness of medical students, mothers and teachers about this disorder to decrease the burden on those children and set the favorable environment for them to live a normal life.

    The project was in cooperation with the national Assembly of psychiatric health and included a serious of training about the disorder and how to deal with it in both faculty of medicine and faculty of nursery ( ryad atfal ) and then the second par consist of awareness campaigns to the public that took place in faculty of medicine, 6th october club , Zamalek club and in Faculty of nursery ( ryad atfal ).


  • Blood donation The name ”Donate blood … Donate life” is very descriptive for this campaign SCOCH is launching a blood donation campaign aimed at -in coordination with ”Shoryan ” association- raising awareness about the importance of having regular blood donors and building an informative database for regular donors to ensure continuous supply of bloodto the kasr Eleiny bank ,,, We made a campaign in the faculty of medicine with interesting slogan “Let the blood begin ” and with new theme a vampire that was donating his blood to save people.

  • we believe in the rights of people with special needs and thought of this project to help them depend on themselves as they can do this.
  • we stand for the child rights in living a comfortable safe life so, we thought of this project to raise awareness of public regarding it and offer solutions to prevent it.
  • Ongoing projects as we believe that cure is not achieved by medications only, we arrange regular visits to the admitted children in hospitals to draw a smile of their faces.
  • Autism the SSS students have organized an awareness campaign for autism this year aiming at increase the awareness for that disease among the students and the public. The preparation plan of that campaign aimed at increasing the knowledge and practical experience of our members of that health problem , through attending three scientific sessions in Advance autistic society in Maadi , and then there was a national huge celebration in Wadi Degla club with autistic children and celebrities
  • Heroes day We tried to celebrate the orphans day last year with new perspective and to get the children of martyrs of Jan revolution also to the celebration and to deliver a new message to them that they are not orphans they are heroes. We collected many of children from orphanages and the children of Martyrs then we made a big celebration for them in 6th of October Club and it was very nice.