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Men Awel ElSatr - من أول السطر

This website is a SSS project that aims at providing a reliable source in Arabic language for people -especially youth- to provide an answer for their inquiries regarding the reproductive health, it also tries to highlight some aspects that might be vague regarding HIV/AIDS that aid in our pursue to fight the stigma related to this disease.

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International Opportunities

Here you will find a set of high-quality summer schools, trainings and travelling opportunities from all around the world with all the information that you might need. So if you are a medical student and looking for an abroad internship, an elective program or a summer training abroad, this is the place that you have been looking for.

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Our Mission

The SSS mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through the opportunities it offers, it develops culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities that shape the health of our planet. It sets the suitable atmosphere that qualifies them to be interactive medical students in their faculty and professional, skillful contributors to the welfare of their community.

The Story behind the SSS

After the attack on Egypt and the crash of all student activity life in the university back in 1967, a very active man decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world and started the SSS. A non religious, non political student activity; he gave it from his effort, time, mind, and soul enough to make it last forever; and the proof is here 45 years later. Dr Ahmed founded the society in 1968. The very first event organized by the SSS, was held on the 7th of November, 1968; it was a seminar held by the late Professor Dr Mohamed Kamel Hussein, one of the few to hold a great position in Medicine and literature in Egypt. Dr Ahmed Saeed is currently a consultant in hospital Quality and risk management in Canada.

Word from the SSS founder

“A generation which ignores history has no past and has no future”


When it all started in 1968. The SSS concept caught on medical students by a storm and the chain reaction will never stop. Your dedication is actually producing wonders in this century.


So to all Current Generation, thank you very much for all your formidable input, you are now writing “the memories of the future”


Dr.Ahmed Said


SSS secretary 1968



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  • Gives purpose to your life, unleashes your unlimited potentials and builds up your personality; that's the least to be said about being a part of this wonderful organization. The SSS makes more out of your life.

    Hesham Mohammed

  • I've done and learnt things here in the SSS that I wouldn't have imagined to do in any other place; Starting from Medicine, passing by Filmmaking, Writing, Designing, even being an event's Host, the SSS has never failed to amaze me or to offer me golden opportunities.

    Hassan Shoier

  • SSS was the place where I learned how to accept others & more important to accept myself and believe in it. The place where I really feel like I belong, simply here is the society where you will find spirit, professionalism and of course fun, and wherever my destiny will take me, I'll never forget that I'm an SSSain & Proud.

    Noha Elzaydy

  • SSS is a place where you subconsciously feel belonging to. He owes this place a lot of good memories. if he were to talk about a major life changing step in his life, simply it would be SSS.

    Ahmad Adel

  • My journey in the SSS is not about having a task to complete or a project to finish moving to another project, it's about a cause we are supporting and that what makes SSS different.

    Ibrahim Aboelgood